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    Are you in need of a supervisor who:

    • is licensed by the Board of Behavior Sciences
    • has the proper experience, education, and training in clinical supervision
    • will provide you with the support and guidance you need to grow and develop in the field

    I want to help you enhance your skills, improve your clinical competence, and provide you with a stimulating environment to support your professional growth. I look forward to working with you as you move forward in the profession!

    Be sure to complete this Supervision Form and book a consult with me to discuss how I can support you!

    Here's what former supervisees have to say

    “Karen is a fantastic clinical supervisor with great insight on all levels of social work (e.g. micro, mezzo, and macro). She really does invest in equipping emerging clinicians with the skills needed to be successful in an agency setting, academia, private practice, or contract work. Knowing I was able to be clinical trained by someone who looks like me, I will always be grateful for the knowledge she imparted on my clinical journey.”

    Jonathan W., MSW

    “As a well seasoned LCSW who received individual clinical hours under the tutelage of Karen Tinsley, I can still proudly say and firmly stand on my belief that Ms. Tinsley is one of the finest clinicians in the field. Karen was born to lead, teach, share, and train. Her relaxed, yet firm professional demeanor, her ability to guide, clarify and shift one to a higher level of learning and understanding are skills that are extremely helpful and necessary as a solid clinical supervisor, a classroom teacher, and a therapist. What Karen brings with her to any setting is a comfort and joy to all that are able to experience her. “

    Carla C., LCSW